Frank & Ernest

October is almost here. And to a lot of people that means pumpkins, changing colors and cooler weather. That’s what it means for us, too. But another item to add to the October list is weddings. Anyone in the wedding business knows that October is prime time to tie the knot. The hubs and I did in October 2008, and three years later, the 10th month in the calendar year hasn’t seen any sort of decline in popularity. (At least from what I can tell.)

So this year, our first of two October weddings is taking place in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of the Windy City. By now, I consider myself to be a wedding guest veteran and think it’s high time the hubs and I start turning these wedding outings into mini-vacays. Nothing fancy. But if we’re going to make the five-hour drive up to Oak Park, we should try to take advantage of some of the sight-seeing opportunities in town, right?

The question then became… Is there anything in Oak Park worth seeing? And much to my surprise, there is! Oak Park is the birthplace of Ernest Hemingway, and his birthplace home and museum is located there. I’m not a huge literature buff, but my favorite book of all time is Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms. The last time I read the book was when I was a freshman in high school. And 13 years later, I kind of want to read it again and see what kind of messages emerge or become clearer to me as an adult.

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In addition to the Hemingway sights, Oak Park is also home to Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio. I’m not a huge architecture buff either, but the hubs and I both took art history in college and can recall a lot of his work. The downside to his home and studio tour is that interior photos aren’t allowed. Just a forewarning in case you’re expecting to see them on the blog in the coming weeks. I do hope to capture some interesting exterior ones though.

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A few weeks after this Oak Park wedding, we’re heading back up to the Chicago suburbs for another wedding. I haven’t figured out exactly what sights we should venture out to see then, but one destination I have in mind is IKEA — which I have never stepped foot in before. I’ll be sure to document that wallet-opening experience appropriately when we return (hopefully armed with a couple new furniture pieces/home accessories).


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