Kitchen is finished. Drumroll please…

I am officially ready to announce that after three and a half months of DIY kitchen remodeling, we have a fully-functioning, brand spanking new, modernized and updated kitchen! I apologize if you feel I’ve left you hanging for the past three weeks. I haven’t had much big news in the kitchen department. And it’s because of all the minor touch-ups we had to do with the paint and grout. Then, there were the little things like figuring out how to hang the phone onto a glass-tiled wall and trimming the bottoms off the faux wood blinds, so they’re even with the length of the windows. In my eyes, the kitchen wasn’t finished until every last detail was ironed out.

But enough of that. What you’re really wanting to see is the photos of the finished product. So without further ado, I give you… the before and after kitchen photos.


Move-in day. September 2008. Left side of the kitchen.

Move-in day. September 2008. Right side of the kitchen.


Welcome to the new kitchen. Everything is new, except the fridge.

Left side of the kitchen, where the backsplash shines.

A close-up of our new range and hood.

I heart my new faucet. And check out the faux wood plantation style blinds.

Industrial style pendant light from Lowe's.

A stylish flush mount light fixture from Lowe's to replace our nasty overhead light.

Turn the corner past the oven range, and you'll find my Jamaican Dream accent door.

My plate collage that Mikey was so doubtful about. He agrees it turned out nicely.

R is for Riley

A silhouette of who else but The Bear.

Instructions for what to do when you leave the kitchen and enter the dining room.

Doing this with Steve’s help has been a huge learning experience for us. He has certainly taught us more than we could’ve ever learned on our own, and we’re truly grateful for his expertise. And Mikey’s mom has been a great sound board to bounce design ideas off of. So this couldn’t have been done without them.

But suffice it to say, we are so frickin’ happy to cross this kitchen remodel off the to-do list. Now we can get on to tidying up the other areas of the house that have been neglected for the past three and a half months. (I was surprised at how big of a pain housekeeping is when you’ve got dust coming from the kitchen at all hours of the day and night. Not to mention coupling that with our ungodly amounts of Bear hair.) There were some points of reflection along the way though. Seven of them are outlined below.

Biggest Expense: Kitchen Cabinets

New kitchen cabinets are pricey. But you probably already knew that. At roughly $2,500, they were undoubtedly our biggest expense. So if you’re considering a kitchen remodel, but still like the doors of your current ones, you may want to consider refacing them instead of spending a boatload on brand new ones. We considered doing that, but frankly, I hated the doors on our old ones.

Most Difficult to Install: Backsplash

If you didn’t read about the snag we hit with the backsplash, check it out here. Then, read the following: a glass subway tile backsplash is a biotch to install. If we were to remodel another kitchen in the future, I don’t know if we would do it ourselves. It’s a very tedious process that involves using a wet saw. And trying to make sure the tile is properly aligned is a bit of a challenge. It just makes me wonder whether it would be worthwhile to pay someone to do it. Then again, knowing that we’ve done a glass tile backsplash ourselves makes me want to ditch the idea of ever paying someone to do something we’ve already done before. So I’m torn. But for anyone out there looking to do a backsplash yourself, just know it’s not a cake walk, but it’s also not impossible.

Easiest to Install: The Electric Oven

Best Buy delivered it. And we plugged it in!

Biggest Regret: Buying Oil-Based Paint Primer

If you didn’t read about our painting project from hell, you MUST read it here. Not our proudest moment.

Most Memorable Moment: Getting High on Oil-Based Paint Primer

If you read about the painting project from hell above, then this will all make sense. If you STILL haven’t ready about the painting project from hell, you STILL MUST read it here.

Favorite Kitchen Feature: Multiple Answers Below

For Mikey, it’s the granite. For me, it’s the faucet. And for The Bear, it’s the stainless steel appliances. Because he gets to put his wet nose marks all over them.

Best Piece of Advice for Future DIY Kitchen Remodelers: Your Local Home Improvement Store May Surprise You

It’s great to get inspiration from places online like blogs or Pinterest. Or even going to high-end showrooms around town to get ideas. That’s the fun part. But at the end of the day, I got so many of the things we needed at the local home improvement store known as Lowe’s. For example, you may remember how I was torn over so many lighting choices. There are so many great ones. After weeks of searching, where did I find the lighting we wanted? Lowe’s. And at an unbeatable price, too.

With so many details that went into this kitchen remodel, I’m sure there will be a couple more posts after this one on the topic. Maybe one that explains the DIY steps behind my kitchen decor craft projects. And one about our “kitchen is finally finished” celebration dinner. The menu is being dreamed up as we I speak type! Anyway, hope you enjoyed the photos!



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13 responses to “Kitchen is finished. Drumroll please…

  1. Ma

    Very nice Riss & Mikey! Kudos to all…Steve, Kathy, Mikey & Riss!!!!

  2. Your new kitchen is beautiful. The color granite you choose is fantastic with the white cabinets. Can I ask who manufactures the light you put above the sink? I love it.

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  8. Mary Beth Sales

    Goodness… Inspiring! I love rehab projects — can’t wait for a big one of my own 🙂

  9. Shirley

    I signed up for your blog after purchasing the same granite for my kitchen. I enjoyed your humor in all the remodeling, because that’s sometimes all that you can do! I am deciding on the backsplash now–either white or silver gray subway tile. Yours is lovely, but I have a reddish quarry tile floor to decorate around.
    Thanks again for the lovely pictures.

    • Thank you! That’s great. I remember finding very little photos of Azul Platino granite when we were making our granite decisions. Glad the photos were helpful to you. And yes, as stressful as home remodeling can be, humor was what helped get us through!

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