Filipino Street Food

I’ve fallen behind on blog posts this week. Four back-to-back days of killer migraines will do that to you. But one thing I haven’t neglected is my desire to eat good food. To be completely honest, eating actually offers relief to my migraines. I think it has something to do with the muscles that I use to chew. They seem to ease whatever part of my head is throbbing. Which would lead one to believe that chewing gum would have the same sort of effect. But I would rather eat.

Anyway, one good eating instance this week occurred when I met my mom for lunch at her work. Her office is a big campus in mid-town St. Louis, but it is better known to me as Food Truck Central. Because the area where she works gets so much foot traffic, it’s a perfect place for food trucks to do business. So this week, we sampled Filipino fare from Guerrilla Street Food.

I think my mom was more excited to try Guerrilla’s food than I was. You see, Mom was born and raised on Guam, which is within close proximity to the Philippines. So naturally, the typical island spread that our family eats often includes Filipino food like pancit (similar to Chinese Lo Mein noodles) and chicken adobo (think chicken marinated in a soy sauce, vinegar, garlic mixture). And being that my dad is full Filipino (making me half Filipino), we’ve all had our fair share of Filipino food. To put it simply, we love it. And here in the midwest, we don’t get to eat it as often as we’d like.

But thanks to Guerrilla Street Food, Mom and I were living the Filipino food truck dream! Here’s what we ordered off the menu.

Clockwise from top left: Fresh Lumpia, Chicken Adobo, Crab Ceviche with Watermelon

The dishes are more modernized compared to what you’d consider “authentic” Filipino food. But the flavors are soooooo good. More importantly though, this was comfort food for me and Ma. There’s just a feel-good vibe whenever we get together and munch on food that brings us back to our culture. And because you can’t find Filipino or Guamanian food on every street corner (let alone any street corner), it is such a great feeling to have it come to you via food truck.

That said, we will definitely be back for more. If you’re in the St. Louis area and want to check Guerrilla Street Food out for yourself, you can follow them on Twitter and see where they’re headed next. Their Twitter handle is @guerrillastreet.


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