You can lead a Lab to water…

but you may not be able to get him to leave.

Such was life for Teddy this past weekend at the Maplewood Dog Swim. Every year, during the weekend after Labor Day, the Maplewood Aquatic Center closes its doors to two-legged swimmers and opens it up to four-legged ones. There are a number of other St. Louis area swimming pools that host an event like this, too, so they aren’t difficult to find.

While there are tons of Labs and Golden Retrievers, you’ll also find breeds that aren’t typically accustomed to water, like pugs. And on the other end of the spectrum, you’ll catch the giant breeds there, like St. Bernards, that kind of lope into the water with the greatest of ease.

One thing is for sure, there are nothing but smiles, laughter and general happiness when you see 50ish dogs take over the pool as their playground. Teddy, as he always is near water, was like a bat out of hell. In pure Teddy fashion, he grabbed the attention of the small crowd by the pool entrance when he marked an old man’s wheelchair less than a minute after we let him off his leash. Let this be a testament to the fact that The Bear doesn’t have a future in becoming a therapy dog. Once my embarrassment subsided, all was well. Teddy did nothing but race around the pool, charge into the deep(er) end without a care in the world and show off his 5-star champion cannonball skills like nobody’s business. Of course, I took some photos to show it.

100% pure, total, complete bliss

Dogs of every kind with their people.

Um, yeah, my dog's over there. You know, the crazy one.


"Touchdown, Mom."

On a side note, the studio that worked on Teddy’s Beneful video recently posted a behind-the-scenes video that features The Bear. Take a look and enjoy. And if you haven’t seen the original video, check it out here.


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