Super Bear

It’s the Tuesday after the long Labor Day weekend. Welcome back to the grind. Having to get back into the everyday work routine was a bummer after the cool weather delighted those of us in St. Louis this weekend. But I have a couple things to brighten up your Tuesday. Or at least, they brightened up mine.

My dad took this photo of Teddy at the lake a couple weekends ago. I think it pretty much sums up Teddy’s outlook on life — that he can rule the world no matter what dock, ottoman or backyard deck he’s perched on. This may be my most favorite photo of him. Teddy told me he wants to blow it up poster-size for his crate.

Speaking of ruling the world, Teddy made his YouTube debut today in an online video for the new Beneful Healthy Fiesta dog food. Us proud parents think he did some pretty funny stuff in the video, but then again, that’s the high caliber of Bear we live with. One of these days, he’s going to wake up being all superstar with me as his manager and Mikey as his agent. Kinda like the Vincent Chase, E and Ari Gold trifecta. Oh, and he’ll need a few four-legged homeboys to complete his entourage. He’s taking applicants now.

Anyway, I digress. My point is, you should check out the video and share it.

(Oh, in case you didn’t catch it, he’s the jowl-quivering, nose-licking, drool-drizzling one.)

Happy Tuesday!



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