Love Notes from The Bear

Have you ever had one of those weeks (or months) where you work your tail off but can’t seem to get anything accomplished at work? I know you have. Everyone has. Well, it seems to have hit Mikey a lot these past few weeks. For someone who really thrives on setting goals and meeting them on his own timeline, there are a lot of days when it just doesn’t happen — no matter how hard or far you try to push. Some races require smaller steps to get to the finish line.

After a couple weeks of seeing him come home, wearing work all over his face, I started to think of silly little things I could do to cheer him up or take his mind off work — if only for a second or two. Something simple but thoughtful. Funny but heartfelt. And so I looked to my four-legged partner in crime, The Bear, for help, and we came up with… love notes. A Post-It a day that I secretly hang above Mikey’s valet stand. It displays a message and photo cut-out from The Bear himself. (I transcribe, of course.) They look like this:


Wednesday. Message is in response to Mikey being away for four hours at a fantasy football draft with his friends.

Thursday. Yes, this really did happen.

Friday. He'll see this one tomorrow morning. Hopefully it'll get him excited about the long weekend.

Anyway, I think the love notes have been working their magic this week. He can’t help but smile or chuckle when I ask him if he’s seen the day’s message. Who knows how long I’ll keep it up, but I have kind of enjoyed writing them this week. Just goes to show how I’m one of those eccentric pet owners who tries to humanize their dog and show affection through the feelings of a bacon-loving, squirrel-chasing, sock-stealing Yellow Lab. But you already knew that about me.


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