Back from the Lake

We made the three-hour drive back home from the Lake of the Ozarks today. My parents, Mikey and I rented a lake house, dubbed St. John’s Hideaway, for four days and experienced nothing but pure R&R (and lots of eating, of course). With only six channels of local television, limited Internet access via slow iPhone connection and a 30-minute drive to the nearest mall, disconnecting from the toils of technology and complications of the real world was pretty easy.

Of course, while Mom, Dad, Mikey and I were lounging, The Bear’s energy level was reaching record highs — as it always does when he comes nose to water with a lake. As my past blog photos have shown, Teddy has never met a lake he didn’t love, and the Lake of the Ozarks might just be his favorite.

Since Dad is a big photography buff (and I, following in his footsteps), we both got a big kick out of the endless photo opportunities Teddy provided throughout the trip. The Bear’s quick movements and inability to hold still for more than two seconds make it a (fun) challenge to try to get the right shot. There’s also the difficulty of 1 ) trying to block your lens from Teddy constantly shaking the water off his back, 2) trying to hold steady while the dock is rocking as if it’s on the high seas and 3) trying to not fall into the water like an idiot. Despite all the challenges, I got some pretty good pics of The Bear.

Ready for action.

Off to save his dad.

A 75-pound splash.

Gracefully gliding through the water. Maybe "gracefully" isn't the right word. He was huffing and puffing like a horse from the workout he was getting.

Swimming till the sun goes down.

Aside from all the dock diving, we did our fair share of other lake-appropriate activities.

Dad took lots of photos.

Mikey played grill master.

Mom enjoyed some vino.

And I enjoyed a few bottles of my designated chick beer of choice for lakeside sipping.

So it’s back to the grind in the morning. And as always, I’m ready to plan our next vacation. Where to next?


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