Weekend Diptics

I recently discovered Diptic. It’s an iPhone app that I downloaded a couple weeks ago, and it might as well be called Adictid because addicted to Diptic is what I am. The app allows you to combine and lay out photos with just a few taps on the screen. And this is the first app I’ve ever paid for. All other apps on my phone I got for free. Because I’m fabulously cheap like that. Suffice it to say, I think Diptic was worth my $1.99 investment as the weekend snapshots below go to show.

The weather this weekend was absolutely beautiful. Perfect for rolling the windows down, sticking your nose out and drooling profusely all over the side of the car. If you're a Bear.

Nothing makes me smile more than seeing a bunch of dogs frolicking at the dog park. I love it when they all get in the pool together and lay down to relax like they're at the spa. Oh, and the two stick pics were taken in our backyard. A delightful discovery made by The Bear.

Good food makes for a good weekend. Clockwise from top left: 1) Katie's Pizza menu 2) Prosciutto Spring Rolls from Katie's 3) Summer squash on the grill 4) Glass of Opala Vinho Verde, enjoyed by yours truly.

And now that we’re two days deep into the work week, it’s only a matter of hours until our lake vacation begins. So stay tuned for some lakeside Diptics coming up!


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