Feeling Blue

I’ve been feeling blue all my life. And I mean that in a good way. Blue, in pretty much every shade and variation, is my favorite color. So now that it’s time to accessorize the kitchen (still waiting for the back splash tiles to arrive), I naturally went to aquas, teals, turquoises, indigos and every blue shade under the sun. Finding the right blues wasn’t difficult.

West Elm is currently featuring Mood Indigo on their website, showing how it can be infused into every room in your home.

Crate and Barrel always has a handful of bright, striking blues in their Marimekko Shop online.






And then there’s an endless supply of beautiful blue hues on Pinterest.






Photos credits from left to right: decor8Real SimplePhoto Bucket

All the plates in the photos above, as well as the countless pictures of plate collages I’ve seen on Pinterest, got me thinking about putting a plate collage together myself. And so I ventured to Target earlier this week and found the perfect plates for a plate collage on the cheap! Each plate was under $3 a piece, which means the entire plate collage cost less than $20! (Damn Target, you’re so good to me!)

Here it is laid out on the kitchen floor. Still have to figure out how to hang it exactly.

For the record, Mikey doesn’t like my plate collage creation. I think he thinks it’s weird. But at the same time, I got it for so cheap that he couldn’t really complain. (See, this is proof that a girl can conquer anything when she majors in shopping and minors in awesome.)

In addition to the plate collage, I’ve also been contemplating the back door that leads to the yard. Why not give it a little pop of color? Like these eye-catching entryways.






Photo credits from left to right: Tiny White Daisies, In Between Laundry, Hepsylone, Moonlight Rainbow

Okay, so these doors are a little more grandiose than the door I’ll be painting, but hey, that’s what this whole kitchen remodeling process is all about. You window shop for all the over-the-top, expensive stuff and then find a similar look at half the price.

As for the color, I’m thinking of going with Jamaican Dream by Olympic Paint.

We bought a sample of it a few weeks ago and tested it out on what was supposed to be our accent wall. Ultimately, we decided to do away with an accent wall and paint the entire kitchen light blue. But the little jar of Jamaican Dream is still sitting on the desk in the office, and I’d rather not let it go to waste.

There’s one more wall that needs to be accessorized, so I’m still on the hunt for blue-ish embellishments. I’ll be sure to share what other good deals I can find, and more importantly, how everything looks when all is hung and painted to perfection.


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