Teddy’s Legal

Yesterday The Bear reached the legal drinking age in human years. (Wooooo! Party!) That’s right. He turned 3 years old, the equivalent of 21 years old in human years. As much as Teddy would’ve loved to enjoy a 6-pack of Bowser Beer (yes, there really is such a thing), we kept the alcoholic beverages at bay and had a nice wholesome celebration, being the responsible dog parents that we are. Said celebration consisted of a trip to Brommelsiek Park, a juicy steak, a happy birthday cookie from Treats Unleashed and a brand new Kong Wubba toy. A few pics below.

We took a 30-minute drive out to Defiance, Missouri to find Brommelsiek Park. It’s complete with trails, a fishing lake, an astronomy viewing area and, wait for it… a dog park with a lake! It was the perfect place for a Teddy Bear to be. And now that it has been tested and Teddy-approved, we will definitely be back for more dips cannonballs in the lake.

In keeping with our birthday tradition, Teddy got a steak for dinner. And we topped it off with a birthday bone cookie for dessert.

Through gritted teeth: "Come on! The suspense is killing me!"

Serious birthday business transaction going on here. "Yes, Dad, I accept this bone and will do my duty to devour it with haste."

And so that’s how we celebrated The Bear’s 3rd birthday. We’re well aware that there are humans out there that don’t get a birthday this good. But here’s the thing. Life is good when you’re The Bear. This four-legged lover of bones, hater of cats, destroyer of fluffy toys and ruler of the Riley backyard is a constant source of laughter in our house. He is always there, smiling with his tail while secretly stealing the sock you dropped on the floor in the midst of folding laundry. And for all the countless times he’s turned our frowns upside down, I think we should throw him a frickin’ bone on his birthday. Even if it is covered with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles. Happy, happy birthday, Teddy!


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