Bee Fris

What’s that, you say? Bee Fris? It’s the secret code name for one of Teddy’s favorite toys — his orange Frisbee. It lives in the backyard and has survived the death of many other Frisbees before it. Not sure why The Bear decided to let this one live. Maybe because he finally decided it was fun having around. I watch him from the kitchen window from time to time and have caught him running circles with it in the backyard, tossing his Bee Fris up in the air, trying to play with it by himself. Blame it on poor, lonely, only-child syndrome.

Anyway, Bee Fris is the name we gave this flying disc because whenever we’d say the real word, Teddy would go nuts. You know, heavy panting, paws in air, tail wacking items to the floor. All the standard things that a Bear of his caliber would do. But now that Bee Fris is the new name of the game, Teddy has picked up on that buzz word, too. Which means the fire-breathing panting, airborne paws and tail designed for Wack-a-Mole cannot be contained.

Nevertheless, we Bee Fris every night at dusk during the week (or at least we try to). Teddy’s a regular at the dog park on the weekends. But during the week, we find he gets a pretty good amount of exercise in the backyard by just throwing the Bee Fris around for a few minutes.

There's tugging.

There's chasing. Although in this case, it's actually The Bear giving his human a run for his money.

There's that whole game of keep-away.

There's jumping.

There's catching, of course.

And then, there's the part where he shows off his mad Bee Fris skills. Good form, T Bear.

And when all that is done and over with, he camps out by the air vent, tongue wagging a foot long, and sprays slobber spots all over the dining room floor.

And that my friends is how The Bear plays Bee Fris. Now if only I could motivate myself to get as much exercise as he does.


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