The random thoughts I don’t say out loud. But will write on my blog.

* Last week, I was on the airport parking shuttle, going from the airport back to my car.  A guy sitting to my left was yapping and yapping till the cows came home about this, that and the other. His conversation with the family next to him turned to how hot it was outside. “Man, it’s hotter than Hades out there.” I wanted to insert myself with the following. Newsflash, buddy. Hades is not hot. It is cold. You’ll recall from high school greek mythology that’s it’s a cold, dark and lonely place. Not hot, sweaty and sticky with the undeniable scent of B.O. Speaking of which, that’s kind of what this shuttle bus smells like right now. Ew.

* What is the point of peep-toe boots?

Yes, they’re Louboutins, but still. Is this making a statement by saying that your ankles deserve to be warmer than your toes? Or maybe they were made this way in an effort to appeal to the woman who wants to maintain the perfect pedicure. The idea that less pressure equals a longer-lasting pedi? Some things we may never know..  I just hope to God that peep-toe boots don’t end up becoming so mainstream that the style starts to grow on me. Like when the pointy witch style shoes came out.

I was never a fan. Until the only shoes I could find at the department store were none other than the Cruella DeVille shoes themselves. I must admit, I caught onto the style. But there were times when the extreme pointy-ness of these heels would catch on the cuff of my dress pants. I’ve come THIS close to tumbling down a flight of stairs. Twice. I’m telling you. Fashion can be dangerous.

* I don’t have many Facebook pet peeves. But one of the few that I have is when people complain that Facebook is a BragBook. “All people do is brag about the vacation they’re going on, the expensive restaurant they’re going to, the amount of booze they just bought.” Believe it or not, that’s what makes the world interesting. Going on vacations, eating out and well… buying booze, excites people. Those kinds of things are the highlights of our days. And Facebook is precisely the tool that allows us to share that with people. So just chill. Take a vacation. Go out to eat. Pick up a bottle of wine. And then brag about it on Facebook.

* My dog is awesome. (Wait, I probably have said that out loud before.) Here’s reason 678 out of infinity why Teddy ranks #1 in the category of awesomeness in my book.

He loves to brush his teeth. He has committed the phrase “brush your teeth” to memory and gets pumped up whenever the time comes. Now tell me, how many Bears do you know that do that? Why, I oughta put that on Facebook and brag about it.


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