My time (or lack thereof) in Portland

I’ve been away from home for the past couple days on a business trip to Portland, Oregon. As much I wanted to board the plane and book it back to St. Louis, I could’ve easily turned right back around to Portland. Husband and Bear in tow.

Since my time in Portland was consumed by work, there wasn’t much time to go off and explore. But I did catch a few glimpses into Portland life that made me want to file it under the to-visit-again folder in my mind.

For instance, while on the trip, I heard at least two people refer to Portland as the city where people are weird. But I kind of embraced the weirdness. While strolling the streets downtown, I loved seeing people rocking their own sense of style. Lace tights with combat boots. Denim shorts, cross-body bags and ankle boots. Or that one guy who opted to wear a blanket over his shoulders instead of a jacket on the way to dinner last night. The styles are trendy (not talking about blanket guy here) but relaxed. No sightings of fashionistas in four-inch heels clacking down the street like you might see in NYC.

There’s also the big community of beer drinkers there. The place is heavily populated with microbreweries galore. And luckily, I got a chance to sip some brew at Rogue. Their ale house was a 10-minute walk from the hotel. Beer has become my drink of choice over the past couple years. It’s so much lighter than wine and is less likely to leave me with a hangover the next morning. And with the amount of microbreweries popping up all over the place (especially St. Louis), there’s a huge variety of beers to try. My only wish was that the hubs was there to join me at Rogue. I think he would’ve loved it.

And then there’s the weather. Highs were in the upper 60s to lower 70s, and while I definitely wouldn’t call that summer weather, I’d take it hands down over the heat that’s wafted over to St. Louis as of late. To illustrate my disgust with the high temperatures and high humidity, I’ll tell you that when I left my house for the airport at 4:45am Tuesday morning, it was 86 degrees and humid as hell. (Actually no, I bet hell isn’t even that humid.) It was hard to walk — my pants were sticking to me. It was even hard to breathe, the air was so thick. So you can imagine how amazing the cool weather was in Portland. Even though the skies were cloudy, it was pretty picturesque.

Some time spent outside the city.

And last but not least, the fact that Portland is totally dog-friendly warranted an A+ in my book. There were dogs downtown everywhere we walked. The pet-friendly hotel we stayed at had a resident dog — a Yellow Labrador Retriever named Timmy who reminded me so much of Teddy, he made my heart melt. He let me give him some lovin’ at the concierge desk, and I think I may have enjoyed it more than he did. And since the people in Portland are so connected to nature and the environment, there are endless parks, trails and outdoor activities that are dog-friendly. The Bear would be in heaven.

So that sums up my Portland experience. Add that to the to-travel list, along with the 40,000 other places I want to visit. There are more places than I have time or money. But at least I know I won’t be bored if I ever hit the lottery.



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2 responses to “My time (or lack thereof) in Portland

  1. Thanks for your comment on Doggerel! I’m jealous that you got to hear Alexandra Horowitz speak. What a neat experience! Your photos from Portland are great; it’s definitely on my list of places to visit one day.

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