The Magical Refrigerator

Who knew appliances could be cool. Anyone? Anyone? Buehler? Well, I definitely didn’t. Until the hubs and I made our way over to Best Buy to look for some kitchen appliances last weekend. I discovered the wonders of a Samsung WiFi-enabled refrigerator.

That bright blue screen you see there allows you to surf the Internet from your fridge!

You can pull up recipes, check the weather, read the day’s headlines, tweet. (And yes, I would be the kind of person who tweets from my fridge.) The interior of the fridge even has LED lights. Who wouldn’t want to roll with a pimped out refrigerator like this one?

Well, none of this really matters because a) this fridge costs $2,500 and b) we’re not even in the market for a fridge. I was just thoroughly entertained while we were waiting for the Best Buy sales guy to finish up with another customer. I was so entertained that I decided to leave my mark on the refrigerator that changed my worldview on appliances.

Back to reality now with the appliance shopping… We couldn’t have planned our shopping venture more perfectly. It was 4th of July weekend, which meant sales galore. And we managed to score a Whirlpool dishwasher and range for under $1,000. We weren’t going for the cheapest of the cheap, nor were we going for top of the line. Overall, I think we netted out right in the middle as far as quality and price.

So the appliances were purchased on Saturday and delivered less than a week later today. Which makes this dishwasher and range officially ours!

Meet our new dishwasher. We're installing it ourselves this weekend, so until then, it's going to have to hang out in the middle of the kitchen.

Here's the range. Love that clean, flat surface. No more scrubbing coils. (Not that I ever did any way.) And most importantly, no more jiggering the front right coil in order to get the burner to work.

It would’ve been great to purchase a matching stainless steel fridge to round things out. But first of all, they’re pretty pricey. And secondly, we blew a few hundred dollars on a new fridge when we first moved into the house a couple years ago. The fridge that came with the house crapped out on us after only a few months of living in the house. So we scrambled to get a replacement fridge, which is white — and not WiFi-enabled. Maybe in a year or two, once we save up more money, we can purchase a new fridge. But something tells me I’ll be onto the next redecorating endeavor and won’t really care about my mismatched fridge.

Things in the kitchen department are still moving right along. This weekend we’re hoping to tackle the appliance installation, cabinet crown molding, base boards and heat shield application for the cabinets. And the granite is scheduled for installation in a couple weeks. Woohoo!


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