Sparks fly on 4th of July. Especially when Elvis is in the building.

It was a sweltering 4th of July weekend for those of us in St. Louis. But luckily, the weather cooled off for us on Monday night. Just in time for us to catch the fireworks show at Fair St. Louis under the Arch downtown. Unfortunately, the scene at Fair St. Louis wasn’t as picture-perfect as I thought it would be. Even though we arrived 45 minutes before start time, the Arch grounds were packed to the max. Our search for the ideal fireworks-watching spot was a major fail. We ended up underneath the row of trees that line the sidewalks. Therefore, our view of the fireworks was completely obstructed by tree branches, leaves and a sweaty dude who for the life of me, could not keep his arms, head and baseball hat out of my photos.

I did manage a few decent shots. Fireworks are naturally hard to photograph, and I must admit I shot these in auto mode. I didn’t study up beforehand to figure out the right settings, so I took the easy way out and flipped the dial to auto. Next year, I’ll try to be more prepared.

Fireworks weren’t the only dose of sparkle we got on the 4th of July. The Riley side of the family threw Grandma Riley an 85th birthday party on the 4th of July and surprised her with a birthday serenade from an Elvis impersonator. If you knew Grandma Riley, you’d know that a monumental event like this is right up her alley. This is a woman who has been known to hand out scoops of ice cream to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. (Literally, a scoop of ice cream in your son or daughter’s candy bag.) She has also gone down in history for sending a live turkey on Thanksgiving to a neighbor who incessantly bragged that she made the freshest turkey in town. When the live turkey was delivered, the inscription read, How fresh is your turkey now?

So in a nutshell, you could say that Grandma Riley has spunk. And at the age of 85, when most folks start to take pride in their grumpiness, Grandma Riley is still having fun. Catch a couple photos of her and the King of Rock ‘n Roll below.

He ain't nothin' but a hound dog.

As Grandma Riley would say, "A beer a day keeps the doctor away!"

So I think it’s obvious that this year’s 4th of July was a blast. (Both in the fireworks sense and the um, blast from rock ‘n roll past.)



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2 responses to “Sparks fly on 4th of July. Especially when Elvis is in the building.

  1. Karen

    Molly is still having so much fun, way to go, Happy b-day!

    The 4th of July pics were great, Larissa!

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