Kitchen Bling

The demo is done. The floors have been laid. The cabinets are in.

Do you know what that means? It means that we are this much closer to entering one of my favorite parts of the kitchen remodel process. The bling-bling. You know, the accessories. The cabinet knobs, the switch plates, the back splash, the light fixtures, the faucet, the window treatments. Basically, the little touches that dress up the room.

I’ve found that those special little touches can cost a fortune. And since I do not have a fortune (but will openly accept a fortune if you have one and are willing to share), I’ve been scouring the Internet, searching far and wide for sales, markdowns and discounts. I can’t say that I’ve come up empty-handed. Actually, I’ve come up with exactly what I wanted. Good things come to those who wait for sales and tough it out for the best deals. For example:

Cabinet Knobs I bought these shiny baubles on sale at Anthropologie for $2.95 a piece. A steal when you consider the original price of $8.00 a piece. Visiting on a daily basis must have willed these knobs onto the sale page. Thank you, shopping gods.

Faucet I first got the idea to do a vintage style faucet when we went to a very expense kitchen and bath showroom in St. Louis and saw it paired with slate gray granite and a light blue ceramic subway tile back splash. It was perfection, and I thought the faucet itself would cost a fortune. But not at Check out the vintage style faucets at Lowe’s or Home Depot. And if you can even manage to find one, you’ll see them priced well above $200. At, my dream facuet was only $99.49!

Lighting So the next shiny object I’ve been looking into are the lighting fixtures. And I was oh-so surprised to find that Etsy, of all places, has tons of pendant lighting fixtures. Which really shouldn’t be that surprising. Etsy has everything!

Pair this sparkle with the cabinet knobs' sparkle, and we're golden. Or crystal, I should say.

Photo Courtesy of LampGoods on Etsy

Can't get enough of these blue mason jar lights. Great way to add color to the kitchen.

Photo courtesy of Basilicus Jones on Etsy

A little dazzle doesn’t hurt.

Photo courtesy of BootsNGus on Etsy

Of course, there are a bajillion other lighting options outside of Etsy that have caught my eye.

Interesting way to combine chandelier and pendant lighting.

Photo courtesy of Houzz

Love the look of industrial style lighting.

Photo courtesy of Restoration Hardware

Can you tell I'm into vintage style everything?

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

And so the search for kitchen bling continues. If you want to see more of my lighting inspiration, you should check out my DIY Remodeling page on Pinterest. Look me up under Larissa Riley. And if you’re not on Pinterest yet, well, then you should be!



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