Hello, new cabinets. You are looking rather awesome.

Well, pop the top off the champagne bottle, the cabinets are in! Feast your eyes on a few photos of the DIY installation.

So clean and pristine. We love the look!

Hauling up the bigger cabinets from the basement was a bit of a pain.

The room looks happier. Especially with the sunlight streaming through.

Teddy was mid-growl while Mikey was mid-drill. We can now add drills to Teddy's "List of Household Items I Want to Throw 'Bows With". Brooms, mops, Shop-Vacs and vacuums also grace the list.

Hats off to Mikey and his stepdad, Steve, for working from 10am to 9:30pm on Saturday to get these cabinets in. Ensuring the cabinets were level was probably the trickiest part of the whole ordeal. It’s amazing how crooked everything is in this old house of ours.

And if you noticed in the photos, the walls were successfully painted! Friday night, we covered the walls with Dawn’s Early Light by Olympic Paint. And unlike the night we painted on the primer (read that catastrophic event here), we were completely sober and paint-fume-free! I should also mention that we decided against an accent wall. Now that the walls are painted, I don’t think we’re missing anything without it.

Oh say, can you see? By the...

A big picture view of the light blue walls. The Bear is still getting used to all the new smells. Here, he's conducting an inspection.

Still not sure if he approves.

We are oh-so pleased with the way we’ve been rolling through all the major steps in the remodeling process. But I think the fast pace will soon slow down. Now that the cabinets are installed, we’ve got to call the granite company to do the template. Which basically means, they take all the necessary measurements to cut the granite. So we may be playing a bit of a waiting game as we wait for them to take the measurements, cut the granite and then install it. In the meantime, we’ll be shopping and purchasing appliances, light fixtures and other “accessories”. In a way, the lag in progress is a setback, but it also gives us the opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy all the summertime activities that are going on around the STL. As I’ve said since this project began, patience is key!



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2 responses to “Hello, new cabinets. You are looking rather awesome.

  1. karen

    Love the stories, keep up the great work, so glad there is no apparent brain damage????????????????? It was great to see you both, love K and K

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