Papa Razzi

In celebration of Father’s Day (which was yesterday), I give you… my very first photo with the old man himself.

The photo was taken on my birthday, October 14, 1984. And what’s unusual about it is that Dad is actually in the photo. See, he’s usually the one behind the camera, taking embarrassing photos of the family when we’re eating. Or snapping the annual family photo at Christmas without getting in the photo itself.

But Dad was a photo enthusiast long before I was born. He recently scanned some old negatives from his high school days back in the 70s and posted them to Facebook. Along with photos taken in 1982 of my mom, sporting a perm, cut high and tight like Gina from Scarface. In addition to scanning negatives, he also has a knack for creating online slide shows set to music. Ones that capture anything from the grandkids at Six Flags to The Bear making waves at the Lake of the Ozarks. One thing is for sure, he is certainly the memory maker of the family.

If there’s one thing I definitely inherited from my dad, it would be that memory maker gene. No wonder I’m always taking photos (remember the big girl camera buy?), scrapbooking, blogging, Instagramming and tweeting. All these little snippets of life are memories, whether written in words or snapped on your iPhone. Because when we’re all gray and our minds our slipping, what will we remember?

When you have a dad like mine who documents life with a camera, you can do more than just remember. Photos can teach you about things you never knew happened. And get a feeling for what that moment captured on film (or nowadays a memory card) might have been like. Like the photo of me and Dad above. I certainly don’t remember that day. But it’s proof that one of the most important moments in a dad’s life was lived.

Happy Father’s Day to our designated memory maker… Dad.


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