Three Good Reasons for Wrinkles

Every time you learn something new, your brain gets a new wrinkle.

Have you ever heard that saying? I think one of my elementary school teachers said that once. And it has stuck in my brain forever. In fact, I’m willing to bet the wrinkle that formed when I learned that saying is still there, pulsating at all the attention its getting on the blog right now.

Well, the reason why this saying came to mind is because of all the things I’ve learned about remodeling in the past week. For instance…

1) Tile Spacers  Although they look like accessories for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they’re tile spacers. Nifty little plastic tools that keep your tiles perfectly aligned. And when they’re strategically placed across the entire floor, they look like a game of Minesweeper.

2) Accent Walls  They’re used to add distinction or dimension to a room. They also add a pop of color and can be used to contrast, and simultaneously complement, the rest of your walls. My mother-in-law and I bought a couple paint samples to test some colors. Here, we have Jamaican Beach on top and Danish Blue on bottom. I’m kinda digging the Danish Blue (although who wouldn’t want a Jamaican beach in the kitchen?). But I’m also torn on whether to do an accent wall at all. I’m not sure if the kitchen needs it. It’s something I’ll have to noodle on in the next few days. One thing is for sure, the current wine-colored wall has got to go.

Teddy left his mark on the Danish Blue smear. I swear, that Bear's hair is everywhere. Hey, that could be a song.

3) Grout  So this is what grout is all about. You use what’s called a float (not this kind of float), to spread the grout in between the tiles at a 45-degree angle. Then, let the grout dry for 3-8 minutes. Then wipe up with a sponge and let dry for 24 hours. You know, grouting is actually kind of fun. After racking your brain all day at work, it’s kinda nice to come home to a project that requires such repetition. A somewhat mindless task that doesn’t involve a ton of energy and gives you something to marvel at when you’re done.

First time grouter.

And speaking of being done, cross “lay floor tiles” off the to-do list because the kitchen floors are are finished!

Not bad, eh?

That’s about all from my wrinkly brain tonight. Next on the kitchen remodel list: repairing some patches of dry wall and then painting!


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