The Brew Fest that was Missed

This past Saturday, we broke a tradition. For the past three years, we’ve cruised on over to Forest Park with some of our closest friends to an open field dotted with large tents, where kegs upon kegs upon kegs of beer are waiting for be consumed. There is often rain. There is often mud. And together, it all makes for some crazy good memories.

It’s called the St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival, where St. Louis area breweries from craft (such as the Augusta Brewery) to commercial (such as InBev-Anheuser Busch) gather underneath the tents to serve up their brews. Its always been a great excuse for us to get together with our friends — especially two of my bridesmaids/old roomies/sorority sisters/BFFs who live out of town and have to come to Brew Fest every year for the past three years. But this year, there was this little thing called the kitchen remodel that kept us away from the Ambers and Hefeweizens, the lagers and ales, the spiced brews and the fruit-infused booze.

I spent much of the weekend reminiscing…

Brew Fest 2008: Squished in a tent like sardines with mud between our toes - but beers in our hands.

Brew Fest 2009: The weather was perfect. And that was the year that Stephy taught us how to do a body roll. (It's a dance move.)

Brew Fest 2010: You guessed it. Another mud fest!

The high on Saturday was in the low 80s. So if we would’ve gone this year, the weather would’ve been perfect. But as you can probably tell from the photos, Brew Fest is always a blast — regardless of the weather. It’s the people we go with that make every Brew Fest more epic than the last.

That said, I’m all about reviving the tradition next year. I mean, how often do you get to trek through swamp water in the middle of Forest Park while jamming to a live band, weaving through crowds to taste the next keg’s concoction while stopping every now and then to nibble on frites and pretzel bread necklaces made by Companion Bakery — with none other than some of your bestest friends? Yeah, exxaaaactly.


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