And so it begins…

The kitchen remodel has officially begun. We’ve had a Friday evening full of cleaning out the kitchen, stowing away pots, pans, silverware, small appliances, etc. and ripping those dreadful cabinets off the wall. Mikey is tearing away at the cabinets as I type. And it sounds a little like this.


Me: Are you okay?

Mikey: Yep!


Me: Are you okay?

Mikey: Yep!

In the midst of all that crash and bang, there’s also a thunderstorm rolling through the area, which has The Bear brewing up his own little storm of barks and growls. Funny how he echoes the low rumble of Mikey’s power drill and the continuous bursts of thunder all at the same time.

Although we’ve been moving and organizing since we got home from work, things are moving pretty quickly. The goal is to finish off the rest of the cabinets tomorrow and get the floor ripped up, so that maybe maybe maybe we can get started on the new flooring before the weekend ends.

While this certainly isn’t my favorite part of the remodeling process (I prefer the designing, shopping, buying part of it), it has been more of an organized chaos than I had expected. But if the organized chaos starts to get a little more chaotic and a little less organized, I always have my Pinterest photos to help me keep my eye on the prize. Here’s a small sampling of those dream-worthy kitchens for your viewing (or drooling) pleasure. P.S. All these blue-tiful hues are reminiscent of the look we’re going for.

Photo courtesy of My Funny Wasteland

Photo courtesy of House of Turquoise

Photo courtesy of House of Turquoise

Thanks for browsing.  Stay tuned for more kitchen chaos.


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