Cooking Minus the Kitchen

Some people stock up on toilet paper, Post-It notes or bottled water. But we, at the Riley house, are stocking up on casseroles. Yes, casseroles. We’re three days away from emptying out the kitchen for the remodel. Which means… Stove? Out. Oven? Out. Sink? Out. The removal of all these necessary appliances has me asking how the heck I’m going to nourish myself for the next two or three months. Not really in the mood to break the bank on eating out every night. And rotating peanut butter, egg salad and cold cuts between two slices of bread every night is not going to cut it. I need to be comforted by the warmth and satisfaction of a… casserole.

It’s actually five casseroles and chili, to be exact. Yep, for the past week, I’ve taken to the stove and oven to bake the following:

  1. Four-Pasta Beef Bake (two pans)
  2. Burrito Bake
  3. Broccoli Turkey Supreme
  4. White Chicken Chili
  5. And tomorrow, the final casserole to grace the oven will be the Angel Hair Shrimp Bake.
Once each dish is taste-tested and cooled, it goes straight into the freezer for hibernation until the kitchen remodel is well underway.
We’ve been brainstorming other methods of cooking that don’t involve a stove or oven. And we quickly learned that the Weber grill and the slow cooker are going to be our best friends. Perfect timing for the grill, since summer has certainly arrived here in the STL. And whenever there’s a grill involved, Mikey is more likely to do the cooking. Score!
As for the slow cooker, it is a little warm outside for pot roast and hearty soups. But the amount of recipes you can find for a slow cooker are endless. There’s even a blog called A Year of Slow Cooking that’s dedicated to slow-cooking one recipe a day for 365 days. And no matter how you cook it, the slow cooker has this magical way of making it all taste delicious.
I think we’ll have a good handle on the food situation when we become kitchen-less in three days. Now it’s onto figuring out where to set up the microwave, slow cooker and other kitchen utensils. We may end up running a make-shift kitchen out of our spare bedroom. With that, I am confident our feng shui will be officially screwed.

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