In Bloom

I’m a firm believer that flowers make you happier. Well, they make me happier. That, and food. And so it’s the happiest time of year for those of us with green thumbs. I’ve been green thumbing away in the yard as of late and have planted almost every container I have. Yet there always seems to be room for more. It’s like a closet. It can never get too full. (Mikey, if you’re reading this, just smile and nod.)

And so, to serve up a colorful buffet of happiness to the blogosphere, I present to you… the Riley House Blooms.

Red Dahlia

White Dahlia

Patricia Dahlia


Hanging basket of Calibrachoa (pink), Verbena (purple) and Lobelia (blue)




Gerbera Daisy

Wave Petunias


I do realize this isn't a flower. It's a Bear. But no yard is complete without one.

Thanks for browsing through my virtual flower bouquet!



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3 responses to “In Bloom

  1. Emily

    They’re so pretty!

  2. Ma

    Such beautiful flowers Nen! You and Mikey did a great job!

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