Azul Platino

Sounds exotic, doesn’t it? Azul Platino is the color of the granite we bought for the kitchen. That’s right, we dove off the deep end and bought granite instead of the Formica Solid Surfacing that we thought we were sold on a few weeks ago.

I’ve always wanted granite counter tops. They’re a big selling point for kitchens, and they look beautiful. But I’ve always thought they were too expensive. And they are. In fact, we priced out some granite at Karr Bick Kitchen & Bath, a kitchen and bath designer in St. Louis. And the quote came back with a $5400 price tag for 30 square feet of granite. That’s like our entire kitchen remodel budget!

Seeing that quote definitely gave us a good laugh. Although the designer at Karr Bick probably had a good laugh too when we came in, us innocent first-time kitchen remodelers, and asked for a price quote on that unaffordable piece of stone.

We also tried to pursue a granite purchase through Mikey’s friend’s dad, who works for a granite company. He helped us learn that there is some granite available in the $46-$50 price range. See, granite is categorized by how frequently or how commonly it’s mined. Category A granite is the least expensive because it can be mined in multiple places throughout the world and is available for mining more frequently than others. As you move into other categories, the price goes up because granite in these categories isn’t mined as often. Or it could be mined in only one location in the entire world. Like Norway or something. So as you probably guessed, we wanted to stay cost-conscious and decided to pursue Category A granite.

Although Mikey’s friend’s dad was a huge help to us and even priced out some Category A stone for us through his company, there was only one gray option available in our price range. And we weren’t completely thrilled about that shade of gray.

We started to consider quartz as a counter top option too (which is gorgeous, by the way). ProSource had some samples that were so stunning, I kind of wanted to sneak off with them. But again, out of our price range.

Check out the gray quartz underneath this glass tile. It glitters!

Then, lo and behold, Lowe’s pulled through with a sale they’ve got going through the end of May. And that’s where Azul Platino came into play. At $50.95 a square foot (regularly $60-something), we scored 29 square feet of granite with a free edge upgrade. (We went with the bull nose, a completely rounded edge.) Still pricey. But after all the different options we looked at, I think we this gives us the most bang for our buck.

There you have it. Azul Platino, coming to our kitchen.

Next on the list to order: the back splash tiles. Which just so happens to be my favorite part. The pies de resistance (Come on, say it with a French accent. You know you want to.) of the kitchen. More to come on that in a later post.


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