Big Bear, Little Pool

Last week, the temps in St. Louis rose into the 90s, giving us a little taste of that heat and humidity that the good ole STL is known for. That, of course, has forced The Bear to find creative ways to cool off that fur-covered body of his. Sometimes that means sticking his entire head into his water bowl. Or hogging the doggie water fountain at the dog park. Or darting all the way to the other side of the street just to splash in a random puddle. As you can tell from his water puppy photo below, this Bear was made for the water.

Water bowl. Swimming pool. Same diff.

And speaking of swimming pools, the super sticky weather last week got me thinking about Teddy’s backyard adventures with the $10 kiddie pool we bought him at Walmart a couple years ago. So if you’re itching for summer or would just rather watch a Bear pick fight with a water nozzle in a swimming pool (never seen one of those, have ya?), check out this video of T Bear and his crazy summertime antics. Enjoy!


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