The Mexication is upon us.

Woo. Freaking. Hoo. Vacay is only days away and I’m ready to get my toes in the sand and a Blue Hawaiian in my hand. (You can sense my heightened level of excitement by the fact that I just dropped two rhymes in a single sentence. Skillz, I tell you.)

The past few weekends have been a little nutso, trying to make as many purchases for our kitchen remodel before we leave for the Mexication. But after the tropical getaway, comes the real work. That’s when the demo on the kitchen starts. So instead of going on vacation after all the hard work, we’re doing it backwards by going before the hard work. Which is fine by me. Hopefully we’ll come back from Mexico all fresh, rejuvenated, and ready to rock and roll on the kitchen.

If you recall from my last Mexication post, the latter half of our vacation will be spent celebrating my best friend’s wedding. So the first four days, we’ll be at the Valentin. Then, the last three days will be at the Aventura Spa Palace. Which has actually worked out very nicely. Aventura offers resort credits to those that stay for three nights or more. And those resort credits can be used on a number of excursions, including but not limited to:

A historical expedition to the Chichen Itza Mayan ruins.

Photo courtesy of EcoTravelMexico

An island escape to Isla Mujeres, located off the coast of the Mayan Riviera.

Photo courtesy of

And an all-day outing to Xcaret. (Kinda like an adventure village of sorts.)

And an all-day excursion to Xcaret. (Kinda like an adventure village of sorts.)

Photo courtesy of BlogSeeks

So our time at the Valentin will be strictly R&R until we move to the Aventura which will be all about love (the wedding) and adventure (the group drinking — I mean, the excursions).

For those of you who have followed my Mexication posts, you’re probably sick of hearing about it. Well, I am too. Enough talking, more doing! There really isn’t much else to say — other than, let’s go already.



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2 responses to “The Mexication is upon us.

  1. Chichen Itza looks amazing in this picture! I am going to a the same area next summer. Please tell me what you think of Xcaret, I am excited to go there.

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