Shout Out to Ma

How often do you sit down and think of all the things your mother taught you? I admit I don’t do it often enough. In fact, if it weren’t for this blog, my opportunities to deep think on a day-to-day basis would probably be limited to work only. But thankfully, blog, you have encouraged me to deep think about what my mom means to me. So in honor of Mother’s Day (which was yesterday), I thought I’d rattle off my top 10 list of Mom-isms — the life lessons and helpful tidbits that mom taught and preached (whether she realized it or not) and have been stored away in my brain over the last 26 years. Proof that yes, Ma, I really was listening.

10  Your shoes should always be darker than the rest of your outfit. When they’re not, the whole ensemble looks off-balance.

9  When wrapping a present, don’t be afraid to smash the wrapping paper while wrapping. By the time you’ve taped everything up, you can hardly even see the wrinkles in the paper. Take that, Martha Stewart.

8  If you’re hosting a party, remember that it’s better to have too much food than not enough food. So don’t be afraid to buy in excess. And that is precisely why all of our family gatherings look like this…

The island style spread at our couples shower in 2008.

7  Always address your elders as Mr. or Mrs. so and so. A child shouldn’t be calling an adult by his or her first name unless specifically told to do so.

6  Go to church!

5  Sing in church!

4  Dress up for church! (It’s not a picnic, people.)

3  Go to college. Get married. Then have kids. In that order!



And check.

2  Don’t hold grudges. Harden not your heart. Always find a way to forgive.

1  Home is where the heart is. And may your heart always be with your family.

The family on Christmas 2010. All of us pictured with the exception of Dad. He's behind the camera, of course. Notice our matching PJ's?

Thanks for my 26 years of life, Mom! Hope you had a happy mother’s day.



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2 responses to “Shout Out to Ma

  1. Ma

    My dearest daughter. I just saw this blog! How you make me proud and so happy to read this. I indeed had a beautiful and happy Mother’s Day. Spending it with you and your brother and the rest of the family is a huge treat for me! I know you did listen when I gave you those simple advises, but this is proof to me that you really did! I love you my sweet daughter and don’t ever forget you are my miracle baby! I thank God for you. Last but not least…another advise, which I know you keep…continue to always put God first in you life and the blessings will continue to flow abundantly. All my love…Ma

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