My personal (but not up-close) recap of the Royal Wedding

Don’t get me wrong. The royal wedding was uber fabulous. But I wasn’t one to drool over it. I saw all the recaps during the normal news hours and didn’t go out of my way to follow Twitter news feeds. And the reason for that (and this may sound silly) is that part of me feels guilty, knowing that Princess Diana was killed while being chased by the paparazzi. It somehow feels wrong for me to fall all over these overly-documented news programs. I don’t like to feel like I’m playing into what the paparazzi is trying to sell. But I don’t deny how interesting this fairy tale love story is or the fact that I smiled from ear to ear when I saw Kate Middleton step out onto the balcony to greet the crowd. Here are some of the other Royal Wedding points of intrigue that I found most appealing.

Fascinators  We, over here in the U.S., should adopt this fashion tradition ASAP. Not sure where we could wear these ridiculous, yet fabulous hats. Maybe we could all hold a fascinator flash mob in each of our cities at 3:00 tomorrow.

Photo courtesy of Frills and Thrills

The Dress  I’ll start by saying that this dress was exactly Kate Middleton’s cup of tea. It suited her very well and was perfect for the occasion. Classy, chic and fit for a princess.

Photo courtesy of Glamour

But to be completely honest, I wanted more wow. Especially considering it was a dress coming from designer Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen — a fashion house known for more avant-garde attire, such as this:

Those legendary armadillo shoes. Actually, "shoes" doesn't do them justice. Fashion clodhoppers is more like it.

The Official Royal Wedding Photos  Forgive me for what may be harsh (but honest!) criticism and bless these sweet, innocent little children’s hearts. But their faces kind of sort of really scare me. One little boy is working his GQ look. (Should little boys be posing so seductively?) Another is looking reminscent of the Redrum twins from The Shining. (Insert blood-curdling scream here.) And another is creeping me out with that gaze that’s a little too far-off for my liking. (Not a good look for a royal wedding photo.) But William and Kate are looking rather lovely.

And that is the extent of my royal wedding analysis. Now that the country has turned its eyes to the death of Osama bin Laden, I hope the royal newlyweds take the opportunity to peace out while everyone is reeling and enjoy some serious post-wedding R&R.


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