Tut, tut, it looks like torrential rain.

I think this photo of The Bear pretty much sums up my feelings about the non-stop rain we’ve been getting in the STL. I’m over it. Done. Ready and willing to assist this weather to the nearest exit ASAP.

St. Louis has been pummeled with thunderstorm after thunderstorm for the past week. And if you didn’t hear on the news, a few suburbs in St. Louis’ North County got hit by a tornado on Good Friday. Lambert St. Louis International Airport shut down. Trees fell. Houses were stripped of their roofs. Debris flew for miles. But fortunately, no deaths or serious injuries.

Mikey and I drove through the cities of Maryland Heights and Bridgeton this past Saturday on the way to a birthday party and saw a lot of the devastation. The glass windows at Lambert Airport’s main terminal had been smashed out by the high winds. The chain-link fences along some of the overpasses on I-70 were strewn with yellow insulation from a nearby warehouse that lost its entire north side wall from the tornado. And to your right, left and farther out in the distance, you could see the homes that lost their roofs. The bright blue tarps were a clear indication.

Security cameras at Lambert Airport captured footage of the storm hitting the airport. Check it out below. And be forewarned: there’s a very eerie, end-of-the-world vibe you get from the combination of darkness, brutal winds and people literally running for their lives.

We were fortunate to have had no impact at our house. In fact, at the time the tornado sirens were going off, we had our back door open to air out the kitchen. (We accidentally burned some parchment paper in the oven while making dinner. Oops.) And thankfully, The Bear has gotten used to the thunder. We’ve had a lot of it, and he handles it like a champ. If given the opportunity, I think he’d try to take down that thunder as if it was a virtual squirrel.

To end this post on a much lighter note, there was a little bit of sunshine in St. Louis over Easter weekend. It was at my parents’ house where the kitchen island was edge-to-edge with a beautiful spread of colorful cuisine for our Sunday afternoon Easter lunch. Enjoy the food photos. Hope your Easter was happy and that the weather is better wherever you are.

Strawberry-arugula salad with ricotta topping

Nom, nom, nom. Brisket.

Breakfast casserole, potatoes and green beans, strawberry-arugula salad, kale salad. And Ma.

Mom with food inspector, taste tester, incessant beggar and wanna-be sous chef, Teddy.


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