Design Decisions

You know how all over the place I’ve been when it comes to picking our a color palette for this kitchen. (Remember the all-encompassing design inspiration phase?) For someone like me, it isn’t easy. Especially when your current kitchen looks drab and everything other than your kitchen looks fab. So how did we narrow down the color palette? These are the factors that led to the decision-making.

  1. Resale value. We know that this house — although we love it — will not be our forever home. If or when we decide to have kids, we will soooooo need a bigger abode. So of course, we have to think of future homeowners and how they would like to see our kitchen. Which means there’s a possibility they may not like charcoal-colored cabinets or a mosaic blue back splash. That leads to point #2.
  2. Neutral, neutral, neutral. As much as I want gray cabinets and a blue back splash (not necessarily both of those together), they aren’t neutral. And I have a hard time accepting that. Because neutral can also translate into boring. And who likes boredom? Not I. So here’s the compromise. We can do neutral, but we can’t do boring. Let’s keep it separate.
  3. Flow of the home. The walls throughout the house (with the exception of the master bedroom) are a light mocha color. Actually, make that a latte. So when it comes to considering a color palette for the kitchen, it should be somewhere in the same playing field. Knowing that helped us cull down my exorbitant amount of color options.

These aren’t design rules by any means. But they have helped us narrow our selection, and so here are the color choices we’re going with.

Whites, grays, blues and browns. Thanks to Young House Love's mood boards, we have confirmed that our color palette works!

Photo courtesy of Young House Love

Now here’s the breakdown.

Cabinets We’ve decided to go with a clean, classic white. To be exact, the Shenandoah Grove Collection White cabinet pictured below. They’re priced at $103 per linear foot at Lowe’s. I would consider this cheap, compared to some of the other cabinets we saw at various showrooms. Many were priced close to $300 per linear foot. And frankly, we’re not looking to spend that kind of money. (The Bear still needs a new bone every once in a while, and I can’t downright neglect my shopping addiction practices. Just being realistic, you know.)

Photo courtesy of Shenandoah Cabinetry

You’re probably thinking white = boring. Well, I agree. White is boring, but wait till you pair it with…

Countertops Formica Solid Surfacing countertops in Soap Stone, also from Lowe’s.

There’s currently a promotion going where we get a free kitchen sink (woohoo!) when purchasing Solid Surfacing, so it sounds like a real winner.

While I would love, love, love to go with granite, it’s just too expensive. And knowing that this isn’t going to be our forever home, it doesn’t make sense to install them in this kitchen. One day, granite. One day…

Backsplash Let me start by saying I have an obsession with subway tile.

Slate blue subway tile. I heart this wholeheartedly.

Photo courtesy of Two Ellie

Subway tiles are traditional, but I think the color here gives it a modern flair.

Photo courtesy of

Even these ceramic subway tiles, on display at Karr Bick Kitchen & Bath's showroom are oh-so lovely. The old-world style kitchen faucet caught my eye too.

So the goal is to go with subway tile that’s either the slate blue color you see in the Two Ellie photo above or the subtle teal color you see in the last two photos. The obstacle is finding it at an affordable price. Glass tile (pictured in Two Ellie and HGTV photos) tends to cost a big fat arm and leg. And the ceramic tile (photo directly above) is Sonoma tile, made in Sonoma, California. So that alone says dollar, dollar bills y’all.

Floors The floors have gotten a little complicated since my last flooring post. I’ll save that news for another time. But suffice it to say that we were rather floored when we discovered the truth about the hardwood floors. (Ha! Aren’t puns fun?)

Moral of the story is, we are finally making some real decisions. We haven’t spent a single dime… yet. But we hope to make our cabinet and countertop purchases before the end of the month. And on another positive note, Mikey is happy as a clam now that we’ve moved out of the design inspiration phase and into the design decisions phase. Which makes me happy too. I’ll take smiling Mikey over sulking Mikey any day.


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