Damn, I love a to-do list.

Do you like making to-do lists? Do you have a special notepad in which all your to-do lists are recorded? Do you enjoy checking off or crossing off (yes, there’s a distinction) items on your to-do list when they’ve reached the point of completion? Do you ever do a task that’s not on your to-do list but put it on your to-do list anyway for the sole satisfaction and utter glory of crossing just one… more… item… off the list?

If you answered no to all of these questions, you’re going to think I’m a freak. But if you answered yes, you and I should really consider becoming BFFs.

I may just be to-do lists’ #1 fan. And naturally, when it comes to doing the kitchen remodel, a to-do list worked its wonders by putting me at ease, telling me it’s going to be okay and giving me the confidence and reassurance I need to feel good about the next steps in the remodeling process. For now. (Next time it may be a bottle that goes by first name: Pinot, last name: Grigot that works its magical wonders.)

So here is our shining kitchen remodeling to-do list that Mikey and I put together last weekend, listed in the exact order of installation.

Items 6 and 7 may get switched, depending on what type of sink we buy. (Does the sink get installed over the counter or under the counter? Hmm, never thought about it really. But add that one to the “things we need to figure out” to-do list.) And item 4 is one that needs to be discussed with the hardwood floor refinisher. (Not sure if the floors should be done before the cabinets are installed or after.)

I never really thought about how the pieces of a kitchen go together, but writing this list helped us figure it out. I did turn to my dear friend, the Internet, for some answers. Googling “order of kitchen remodel” pulled up some decent articles and varying perspectives. Everything I found was slightly different from the next. But the key takeaway was to know the measurements of your appliances before you purchase your countertops. That way, the counter people know how to cut your counters.

So on this week’s to-do list (yes, there are short-term to-do lists and long-term to-do lists), we’re hoping to schedule an appointment with a hardwood floor refinisher that was referred to me by my good friend over at the Living Room. And we’re also meeting with the design consultants at Lowe’s to pick out cabinets. Which means we’re on the path to making purchases — aka the fun buying bliss before the mass chaos ensues.



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2 responses to “Damn, I love a to-do list.

  1. Sarah

    I don’t know if this helps. But with the sink it depends on what kind of sink you buy on whether it goes under or over the counter. So I know I learned the hard way but you want to pick out the sink first so you can get the right measurements. And it depends on if you like a normal type stainless steel sink or a heavier type like your parents have. And the type of counter top has to be thick enough to hold the type of sink you get. I use to do a lot of home remodel projects with my ex husbands parents and oddly that’s one thing that stuck. Lol. Hope all goes well. Oh and P.S. I have to do lists everywhere also. They keep me sane. Smiles!

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