A Birthday and a Bone Hunt

It’s amazing how the weather can either make or break your mood. And this weekend, the warm weather made mine!

On Saturday morning, we took The Bear to the annual Brentwood Doggie Bone Hunt. Yes, bone hunt. It’s where a bunch of dogs get together in the spring and go sniffing for bones in a large grassy area, much like children do around Easter time. Except the children are hunting for eggs, not bones. We, being the overly-obsessed dog owners that we are, get such a kick out of Teddy and his bone-sniffing skills. It’s as much of a treat for us as it is for him. (Which speaks very highly of the exciting lives we lead, I know.) Here are a few pics from the event.

“I love the smell of bones in the morning!”
Teddy and his new friend, Bailey, scoping out the competition.
And the bone hunt begins. Teddy spots his first egg.
Teddy quickly learns that most of the bones are encased in the plastic eggs. So he immediately starts going for the loose T-Bonz.
The sweet smell of bones. I mean, success!
Headed home with a bag of T-Bonz.
Short pause for a family pic. Without a tripod, our shadows will have to do.

Later that day, we went to my niece’s first birthday party at a park in Swansea, Illinois. This little blue-eyed, dark-haired bombshell is full of personality. She and her feistiness made for some great pics.

She makes a cupcake on the face look cute.

Million dollar smile

"Check out my new ride."

Chug, chug, chug!

We’re a little worn out from all the festivities, plus all the overhaul we did in the backyard today. But so long as we’re getting worn out while the sun’s out, I have no reason to complain.



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