The Last of Winter. Maybe.

The five-day forecast looks promising. Not a day with a high below 65 degrees. Which tells me that St. Louis is screaming spring. And my nose is screaming allergies. The rule of thumb, as most St. Louisans will tell you, is to enjoy the weather it while it lasts. Because it can change on you in an instant in this town by either a) reverting back to frigid temperatures in the blink of an eye or b) fast-forwarding to summer with temperatures sweltering and the climate much like hell with high humidity.

While we’re welcoming spring with open arms, we did get a chance to hang out in our backyard last weekend and enjoy the last of the chilly temps. We also dusted off the fire pit, got things blazing and sat by the fire, gazing into each other’s eyes underneath the bright, shining stars (haha, NOT). And of course, a fire wouldn’t be complete without a few cold ones to toss back. Blue Moon has their seasonal sampler collection out. An assortment of Blue Moon, Honey Moon and Pale Ale that I give two thumbs up.

Hubs, The Bear and the usual backyard tomfoolery.
Sniffin’ for C-A-T-S.
All ablaze.
Wishing winter away. And polishing off a Honey Moon.

After all this fun, we went back into the house and passed out — all three of us — on the couch. That, my friends, is how a Friday night should be spent. Hope you have a happy, winter-free, warm-weather-filled weekend!


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