Poser Health Nuts

Spring is officially here, and somehow, it has awakened a tiny inkling of motivation inside me. A motivation to exercise. (WTF?) Yes, I’m baffled beyond belief. To the point where I actually broke down and exercised. I dusted off the old workout DVDs and did some cardio in the living room tonight. And now that I’m blogging about it, I think I just might actually stick to it. It’s like, if I tell the whole world that I’m committing to something, then I have to commit, right? Or else failure will make me look like a total fool. Sounds like a pretty decent motivational carrot. We’ll see how it goes.

Mikey is jumping on the bandwagon too. While I was rocking out in front of the TV with my CardiYoLates (short for cardio, yoga, pilates) workout DVDs tonight, he went for a run around the neighborhood. And now that the sun is hanging around a bit longer, there’s more time to take advantage of an outdoor workout. So it’s safe to say that spring has done us some good in the fitness department. Although it’s only day one. Like I said, we’ll see how it goes.

And in another attempt at being healthy, we stocked up like crazy on fruits, vegetables and lean proteins at the grocery store last night. We bought salads and leeks and asparagus and green beans, along with salmon, chicken breast, tilapia and ground turkey — just to name a few. And tonight, we dined on salmon with dill sauce and a side of green beans.

Yummy? Yes. Filling? No. And it kinda sucks that there aren’t any carbs. (You know me and my love for potatoes.) Anyway, hoping I can roll into bed and pass out ASAP in an effort to reduce the risk of me conducting an unstoppable raid on my pantry. I know there are potato chips in there somewhere.

Sigh… being healthy is really not my idea of fun. But when you get a burst of motivation, you shouldn’t ignore it. And so here goes not ignoring it. Like I said, we’ll see how it goes…


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