Weekend Recap

After four days of work travel this past week, it was good to come home to Mikey and The Bear on Friday night. And the good got better once the weather warmed up on Saturday and hit highs in the mid-perfect today. Here’s all the good stuff that went down on this fine, first-signs-of-spring weekend.

My Jo Tote arrived. I am very pleased with the purchase, although Mikey thinks it would serve better as a bowling bag. At least if I ever decide to pick up bowling as a hobby, I could probably manage to fit my camera AND a bowling ball in said bowling bag. Now how many bowler/photographer hobbyists do you know who can say that?


Of course, you know who had to be in the picture.

The Bear got famous. A few months ago, Teddy took part in a photo shoot for Frosty Paws dog ice cream. And he ended up on the back of the package. Here’s Mikey, being all proud papa when we found it in the dog food aisle of the grocery store.

Here’s a close-up of the back panel. The Bear is all smiles.

We stopped by my version of a crave case –the Whole Foods bakery.

And later that night, we put these yummies in our tummies. Sadly, The Bear just watched.

We ran The Bear ragged. Teddy’s tongue tells all. In this photo, it’s telling you that Sunday was the perfect day for the dog park. And a car ride. And treats and sticks and bones and whoa — is that a squirrel?

We dined at my favorite pizza joint. It’s called Katie’s Pizzeria, and it is de-licious. We split a persimmon and pear salad. He ordered a portobello and porcini mushroom pizza. I ordered the fingerling potato pizza with pancetta, rosemary and parsnips. And we beered on Blue Moons and Mothership Wits.

Ahhhh, feels good to be blogging about our outings in coat-free weather. The ice just wasn’t cutting it. Hope you had a good, warm-weather weekend too!



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