Blues-ers and Food Fiends

I was sitting in section 332 of the Scottrade Center last Saturday, watching the Blues’ failed attempt to dominate the Detroit Redwings on the ice and realized something. I’m 26 and still growing. Not growing, as in, gaining inches, but growing, as in, expanding my horizons. Always finding new stuff to like. That is, after all, why I started this blog. Everything glitters to me.

But specifically, I’ve grown to like hockey. And that was brought to me in part, by my husband. (The other part was brought to me by David Perron, a 23-year-old left winger for the Blues who is equally as cute as he is a skilled hockey player.) Mikey has always been a hockey fan. And he’s always been a hockey player. A goalie, to be exact. He’s played inline hockey, ice hockey in junior high, high school and college. Traveled around the country with all kinds of teams and leagues. Ranked second best inline hockey goalie in the nation at the age of 15. Played for the St. Louis Blues alumni team. And is just awesome from head to toe when it comes to this whole hockey thing. Yes, I’m a proud wife. I’m allowed to brag.

The only time we will EVER have coordinating outfits.

It isn’t uncommon that a hockey-loving husband would have a hockey-loving wife. But never in a million years would I have thought I (a not-so-athletic, lover of food with a passion for fashion) would find myself buying up a Blues jersey and following all the Blues players on Twitter. It kind of amazes me how my significant other has brought out the unexpected in me.

And when it comes to me bringing out the unexpected in him, I can easily say I’ve won him over in the foodie department. I love trying to new places to eat. In fact, there are very few restaurants in St. Louis that we’ve been to twice. And Mike Riley, being a simple, no-frills, “I order a steak at every restaurant, no matter what the restaurant” kind of guy, has really gotten in on my new restaurant adventures. Granted, he still orders a steak at every restaurant, no matter what the restaurant. But every time we finish dinner and walk out to our car like a couple of Chubbs McGee’s, I get satisfaction knowing that he’s as content as I am.

Stuffed and smiling

Makes me wonder what other unexpected things we’ll bring out in each other down the road. After two years of marriage, there’s still a whole lifetime of growing to do.


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