Top Model Teddy

I’ve been playing “new camera owner” for five days now, and it’s certainly bringing out the photographer in me and the model in The Bear. He (and my dad, of course) are the only ones who don’t complain about the ungodly amount of pictures that I take. Talk about a loyal subject! While Mikey is constantly complaining about the flash being too bright, The Bear is eager to please and ready to strike a pose. Here are some of his first shots to grace the camera.

It's all about eye contact.

Always ready for action.

Alert, focused and ready to retrieve.

He minds his manners. Sometimes.

A smile that can't be beat. But can be slobbery.

He’s a big ball of fun, that Bear of mine. Thanks for the memories, T Bear! Now you can add 24/7 photo subject to your resume.



Filed under Dogs, Hobbies, Photography

2 responses to “Top Model Teddy

  1. Papa Razzi

    Nice job. I like your compositions. Are thinking about the composition when you take the shot? Or does it come naturally? Or is it post-process image editing?

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