Mexication No-Go

I’d like to begin with a moment of silence for the Mexico Vacation (Mexication for short) that was so close to happening but will no longer be.

Sigh. Remember all my excitement for the Mexication? The 3 A’s, in particular? Well, it’s a no-go. After over a year of planning what was sure to be a fantastic time. After choosing a location, The Valentin Imperial Maya, an adults-only, all-inclusive resort in the Riviera Maya. After putting down a $100 deposit for 5 nights in a Golden Junior Suite, complete with an in-room jacuzzi and private balcony. All this, and it finally hit rock bottom a couple weeks ago. The group of 12 we had planned the trip with suddenly was whittled down to four. Things came up. People had second thoughts. And the group trip that was supposed to be a reunion for us friends developed a serious lacking in the reunion department.

The hubs and I, along with two other close friends of ours, were the first to book the vacation and forked out a $100 deposit to hold the reservations. But with so many people having backed out, we decided to cancel the Mexication altogether. While 5 days in paradise with the four of us would have been great, it wasn’t the way we intended on spending our money. The purpose of the trip was to be with the group. And so the Mexication is null and void. Dead and gone. Buried six feet under. With no chance of parole.

But there is a ray of light somewhere in this sob story. Because when life gives us lemons, Mikey and I know how to make some damn good lemonade. And the recipe for that lemonade consists of ditching Mexico and opting for Ireland. Yes, Ireland!

Land of the Guinness Brewery and Storehouse

In case you're wondering, I have no idea who these people are.

Photo courtesy of the Guinness Storehouse

Home to the majestic Cliffs of Moher


Photo courtesy of TravLang Travel Guide

Hub to pub upon pub upon pub

We need to have more red pubs in the U.S. They just look fun to be in.

Photo courtesy of ExpatExchange

So Mikey and I are looking into vacation packages. Neither one of us has been to Europe. And he, being Irish and all, has wanted to venture over to the Emerald Isle for quite some time now. I, being an island girl myself, am all game. We’re just hoping we can work out the details and make it happen. All in all, we’re sorry to say goodbye to the Mexication. But trading in for a rrrrromantic (that’s a rolled R in case you didn’t catch it) tour of southern Ireland seems like a pretty decent exchange. More to come!


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