Big Girl Camera Buy

Thinking and hoping and wishing led to this…

The camera. I bought it! Yayyyy! (Pause, and insert happy dance here.)

I made the purchase online at B&H Photo and Video (free shipping, no sales tax, win-win). And in addition to the camera body, I also got the 18-55mm lens as well as the 55-200mm lens for $670. And so the package was shipped and picked up at the UPS store last night.

Now that its officially been welcomed into its new home, I’ve been tinkering with it here and there, trying to figure out how to work the thing! I’m trying to revert back to the photography class I took my senior year of college. And all I can remember was how bo-ring the professor was and how we never ventured outside or went out in the field to shoot. The whole class hour was spent in a classroom. Inspiring, I know. The only real source of inspiration in that classroom was the fact that it was a computer lab, where I could surf the Internet Facebook during the professor’s snooze-worthy lectures. But something tells me I’ll have a much better time re-teaching myself than suffering through a learning experience that I had to get graded on.

And as I mentioned in a previous post about this camera buy, the camera purchase is only the first step. I’m now in the market for a camera bag, an SD card and an additional battery. I’m also in the market for more time to sit down and read through the bajillion and two manuals that this camera comes with. If only money could buy time. Or work could give me more weekends.

So as I start the hunt for these camera accessories, you’ll be happy to know that I have not failed in the fashionable camera bag department. I found this camera bag company, Jo Totes, on one of my favorite blogs a few months ago. You’ll see that they classify their bags as “camera bags for ladies”. Perrrrfect!

Photo courtesy of Jo Totes

Unfortunately, they’re out of stock of all their bags right now. But I’ve been told that they’re receiving their next shipment any day now. Fingers crossed that I can snag a lady camera bag for myself.

So stay tuned. There’s more to come with my amateur photo-taking adventures. Overall, I’m feeling really happy that I’ve found the grown-up camera for me. Now, off to read Manual 1 of bajillion and two.




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9 responses to “Big Girl Camera Buy

  1. your brother =D

    I’m sure dad can help ya with your new toy. Lol. Love and miss ya sister!!

  2. I got a flyer today from Fry’s Electronics today and they have a Kingston class 10 16gb card on sale for $27.99 That is a very good deal. I was at a Fry’s store in December and bought 2 of these cards for like $40 each….

    If you ever have questions about the camera or accessories, let me know! I’d recommend checking out the Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.4. It is great!

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