Spring, is it you?

The first sign of spring has arrived at the Riley house.

And it’s about frickin’ time. It’s the first sprout of my tulip bulbs, in case you’re wondering. And I can’t wait til these babies are sprouting out all over the place. “Old man winter”, as the news reporters keep calling it, needs to cash his 401K and retire already. We’re so ready for spring.

Last spring/summer, we kept our green thumbs busy in the backyard with projects like:

Weeding, mulching and planting this area of our backyard.


Landscaping this huge 10 x 50 foot space in the backyard that was previously covered with weeds and ivy.

And of course, trying to prevent the wrath of The Bear from destroying my plants. (He has a tendency to plow through stuff -- plants, people, metal chairs.)

Well, I braved the cold last weekend and went out to the yard to see the damage this winter has done. And I guess by winter, I really mean, The Bear. Sigh… There’s much to report. Much to my dismay, two of my hydrangeas have been plowed through by said Bear, along with a brand new azaela that we bought over the summer and has yet to even bloom! The Bear has also created a muddy path all around the back fence for his daily run around the perimeter when he chases his arch-nemesis, The Cat, that lives next door.

But that, my friends, is what you must come to expect when living with a bear. You either come to terms with it, or don’t make the commitment to bring a bear into your life. And so, we choose to live with it because we really wouldn’t have it any other way.

So what do you do when a bear tornadoes through your garden? Consider a vertical garden. There are such things, and I stumbled upon them on Design Sponge earlier this week. Essentially, they’re plants that grow on a wall.

Living wall art

Photo Courtesy of Flora Grubb Gardens

Close up of the wallflowers. Which are actually pretty exciting and do not live up to their definition.

Photo Courtesy of Flora Grubb Gardens

It seems like creating one would be a huge endeavor, but they are pretty cool. Very modern looking and Bear-proof. It’s making me think more about potted plants and hanging plants vs. planting in the ground. We’ll see. Maybe I could try a mini vertical garden for the back fence for starters. And maybe this spring, we’ll consider putting more of a focus on beautifying the front yard instead of the Bear’s yard.


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