Yep, I’m one of “those”.

There are no bones about it. I am one of “those” dog owners. You know, the ones that:

Treat their dogs like children. Take them everywhere. Hold membership at a dog park. Have a designated treat cabinet in the kitchen. Walk through the front door and greet their dogs before their spouse. Give their dogs a special Sunday night supper. Dress their dogs for Halloween. Get rewards points at nearly every pet store in town. Bring their dogs to the annual dog swim at the public pool. Let their dogs open their own gifts at Christmas. Treat their dogs to a steak dinner on their birthdays. Talk to their dogs like babies. Include their dogs in the yearly Christmas card photo. Take their dogs on a Starbucks run for the free treat at the drive-thru window. Attend the community-sponsored doggie bone hunt around Easter time. And last, but not least… Give their dogs their own special page on their blog.

Yep, I’m one of “those” dog owners. And I’m totally happy with it, by the way. I’m sure The Bear doesn’t mind too much either.




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2 responses to “Yep, I’m one of “those”.

  1. Julie V

    I don’t blame you, I’m on my way to being one of “those.” How can you not love Teddy!? Today is Layla’s birthday and I didn’t get her any steak! Shoot. I gave her some cheese though :).

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