Shopping for kitchen cabinets makes me…

Hungry. Yes, hungry. Case in point:

Maple Butterscotch Glaze? Yes, please!


Portobello. There they go, trying to appeal to my affinity for mushrooms.

And that’s only a small sampling of the other delicious cabinet names we’ve stumbled upon in phase 1 of the kitchen remodel. Some others to make your mouths water: Maple Honeysuckle, Amaretto Creme Glaze and Cherry Chocolate. Now, really, were we at Lowe’s Home Improvement or an all-you-can-eat buffet?

Anyway, the design inspiration phase of this remodeling process is going fairly well. I’ve still got every shade of blue, mosaic tile and that sophisticated gray on my mind. Here are some of the photos of displays we’ve been seeing along the way.


Love this texture.

If we opt for decorative windows, there's that whole thing about "styling" the dishes inside. That could be a commitment.

There's that gray. A subtle gray like this is pretty neutral, right? (Trying to think about resale value.)

I was surprised to find myself liking this contemporary look a lot. Which shows how all-over-the-(cup)board I am with this whole process. Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.

While I’m happy just walking around these home remodeling showrooms and home improvement stores, I think Mikey is getting a little antsy. I don’t think he’s one for the “let’s get inspired” design phase. He’s more in the realm of “we can make some design magic when we can start making some decisions” — which I get. It’s just nice to consider all the possibilities. So while I’m still down for visiting another showroom, I may want to carefully consider his sanity.

And for those of you who may be trying to visualize what style of cabinetry would look just right in our kitchen, here are a couple photos of the kitchen when we first moved in.


Right side of the kitchen. Don't worry. This was only a temporary location for the boom box.

Left side of the kitchen. The plastic bags were our only trash receptacles at the time. Fabulous design elements, I know.

So in a nutshell, the current kitchen is BO-RING! 100% ready for a revamp.


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