Just say no to crackberries on a belt.

Yesterday morning, Mikey came out of the bedroom wearing this:

THIS, my friends, is what we call a crackberry on a belt. Okay, this is not entirely for real. He came out wearing it as a joke. But crackberry (for those of you not down with the lingo) is a common term for a Blackberry. It’s based on the idea that a lot of people who have Blackberries are addicted to them. Hence, the name “crackberry”.

Mikey recently got a new position at work (yay, so proud of him!), and apparently, a crackberry comes along with the job. Now, I don’t know if a crackberry is a symbol of success or something. But wearing it on your belt is a symbol of something awful. And I proceeded to tell him that after we both had a good laugh at his major fashion faux pas.

The good news is he’s now carrying his crackberry in his pocket. But really, how does one fashionably carry a crackberry? Hmm… maybe he needs a satchel. I mean, come on, Indiana Jones has one!



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3 responses to “Just say no to crackberries on a belt.

  1. Mom

    Maybe he needs a European Shoulder bag. lol

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