When push comes to shove. And tooth comes to nose.

Has there ever been a more awkward post title? Well, awkward only scratches the surface of the events that transpired yesterday afternoon.

Those of you in the Midwest are all too familiar with the snow that has blanketed the mid-section of the country this past week. While I’m not a huge fan of the snow, our dog, Teddy (who we also affectionately call “The Bear”), certainly is. Pack a few more pounds on that body of his and you might mistake him for a polar bear.

Well, yesterday was a quiet Sunday afternoon at our house. A little wave of snow came in after we rolled out of bed, and by noon, we were ready to take Teddy out back for a romp in the snow. My husband, Mike (who I affectionately call “Mikey”), started out with the usual wrestling and rough-housing, while I tried to stay warm and dry on the deck. As Mikey started to wear out, The Bear showed no signs of slowing down. So I suggested Mikey play dead to give himself a breather. Teddy immediately started poking his cold, wet nose around Mikey’s face in an attempt to bring him back to life. And here’s the kicker… Right when Mikey was ready to rise back from the dead, Teddy somehow got his incisor tooth stuck in Mikey’s nostril and punctured it enough to generate a tiny blood bath. I kid you not. We rushed into the house, scrambling for rags and towels and after about a full hour of applying pressure to his injured schnoz, the bleeding finally stopped.

Poor husband. I’ll take the blame for suggesting he “play dead” in the first place. But I am happy to report that his nose is still perfectly in tact. And The Bear is very sorry for sticking his tooth where it doesn’t belong.


Still BFFs


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